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Nu Caffe Tongkat Ali

Nu Caffe Tongkat Ali

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Product Details

Nu-caffe Tongkat Ali Price in Pakistan

Nu-caffe Tongkat Ali Price in Pakistan, Quantity : 15 Sachets
This Product Has Been Authorise by Using the Ministry of Fitness Malaysia!

What is Nu-caffe Tongkat Ali

Nu-caffe Includes One Hundred% Arabica Coffee Blended With & Creamer and 50mg of Standardised Extract of Physta® Tongkat Ali. Easily Combined to Perfection, It Gives Just the Right Balance of Flavor and Aroma, With the Benefits of Tongkat Ali in Every Cup. This Top Class Water Soluble Tongkat Ali Root Extract Retains Bioactive Elements Regarded to Sell Correct Fitness. Those Bioactive Elements Are Phenolics, Tannins, High Molecular Weight Polysaccharides, Glycoproteins and Mucopolysaccharides. Those Water-soluble Bioactive Substances Observe in Tongkat Ali Are Capable of Naturally Growth Top-rate Testosterone Stages. Nu Caffe ( Coffee ) in Pakistan

Why Use Nu-Caffe Tongkat Ali ?

Tongkat Ali, Nickname the “king of Herbs” of Malaysia, Has Been Use for Centuries to Promote Lasting Strength. Combined With 100% Arabica-wealthy Espresso Flavors That Provide Caffeine-boosting Energy, This Combined Intellectual Effect Will Maintain You From Sunrise Till Dusk. Perfectly Combined to Perfection, It Gives the Proper Stability of Flavor and Aroma, With the Advantages of Tongkat Ali at Some Point of the Cup.

What is Physta® Premium Tongkat Ali Extract :

The a Hundred% Extrud Tongkat Ali Roots Extracte Are Reinforce in Step With Reliable Computer Systems.
Extracted From the Roots of Tongkat Ali is a Joint Undertaking With the Co-operative Works of the Authorities of Malaysia and the Famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mit Uses Patented Technology (Us Patent: 7132117, Eu Patent: 1313491).
Registered With the Department of Fitness and Halal Licensed by Means of Jakim
Each 25g Bag Consists of Arabica Espresso, Milk-unfastened Cream and 50mg of Top Rate Physta Tongkat Ali.

How to use:

Mix One Cup of Sac-nu-caffe Tongkat Ali Premix With 200ml Hot Water and Stir Continuously Until Dissolved.

Recommended for: Adult Men and Women. People Who Want to Improve Energy and Reduce Fatigue in the Form of an Active Drink.


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