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18 Again Tablets

18 Again Tablets

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Product Details

18 Again Tablets in Pakistan

18 Again Tablets in Pakistan, a Complicated Shape of Viagra. It’s Miles Deliver for Those People Who’re Worrisome to Treatment Contamination in Men Related to Sexual Hobby. The Quoted Factor Approximately This Medicinal Drug It Moreover Manages the Emotion of the Person for Sexual Sex.
18 Once More Drugs Charge in Pakistan Many Men Complain About Their the Size of the Sexual Organs but Proper Right Here. Is the Remedy Which Has the Solution for the Small Sexual Organism and Makes Men Geared Up for Sexual Activity.

Interactions with 18 Again Tablets

If You Use Different Capsules or Over-the-counter Merchandise at the Equal Time, the Effects of 18 Again Tablets May Additionally Change. This May Increase Your Threat for Side-results or Motive Your Drug No Longer to Work Properly. Tell Your Doctor About All the Drugs, Vitamins, and Natural Supplements You’re the Use of, So You Physician Permit You to Save You or Manage Drug Interactions.

Tramadol Tablets 50mg Each Kit Contains

A. Ten Sildenafil Citrate Tablets 100mg
Each Film Coated Tablets Contains:
Sildenafil Citrate Usp
Sildena 100mg

Approved Color Shall Be Used in Coating

B. Ten Tramadol Tablets 50 Mg
Each Film Coated Tablets Contains:
Tramadol Hydrochloride Bp 50mg
Approved Color Shall Be Used in Coating
Neutral Code: Hr/drugs/99-0sp(H)

Key Features of 18 Again Pills

The Prime Benefit is There is No Headache.
It Consists of Sildenafil Which Contains 100 Mg.
The Good News About This Product is Diclofenac. Which Makes It More Prominent Than All Other Sexual Products Because It Reduces the Fear of Pain.
Every Kit Has the Below-mentioned Feature:
Ten Sildenafil. Ten Diclofenac Tablets 50 Mg (Silver Color)
Having the Originality of Coated Tablet Contains:


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