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Tongkat Ali Root Extract Capsules In Pakistan

Tongkat Ali Root Extract Capsules In Pakistan

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Tongkat Ali Root Extract Capsules In Pakistan

Tongkat Ali Root Extract Capsules In Pakistan Tongkat Ali 3000 Extreme Root Extract 800mg Capsules Helps Body to Produce More. It is Vital to Let Them and Body Rest Periodically. The Product is Often Known as Long Jack, a Herbal Plant Native to a Large Area of Se Asia and Has Been. Use in Traditional for Many Years in Thailand to Reinstate Longer Levels in Men.

Tongkat Ali by Nutraherbal Retial is a Herbal Solution That Has Belonged of Traditional Southeast Asian Medication for Centuries. It’s Often Utilize to Treat a Selection of Conditions, Consisting of Fevers. Erectile Dysfunction, and Also Bacterial Infections.

Details Tongkat Ali Root Extract Capsules

Used for Testosterone Booster, Sex Enhancer, Stamina Booster
Directions of Use Cora Nutritionist Recommended Intake (1 Capsule/day) Brand’s Intake- Consume One Tablet Two Times Daily After Meals or as Directed by Physician. For Best Results All This Supplement Should Be Take Along With Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise. If You Are Pregnant, Nursing, Taking Any Medication or Having Any Pre-existing Medical Condition, Consult Your Doctor Before Use.
Storage Instructions Store in Cool & Dry Place


Supplementation May Increase Total Testosterone in Healthy and Hypogonadal Men, Improve Erectile Function and Alleviate Symptoms of Dysfunction, Increase Fertility, and Enhance Sexual Function and Well-being. One Study Found Evidence of an Anxiolytic (Anxiety and Stress-reducing) Effect of Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali is a Natural Source of Compounds Known as Quassinoids. These Compounds Release the Hormone, Which Assists the Body in Producing Greater Levels of Testosterone. The Herb Also Increases the Rate of Free Testosterone From the Binding Hormone Globulin (Shbg)


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