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Product Details

Russian White Honey in Pakistan

Russian White Honey in Pakistan is Gathered as a Liquid and Naturally Crystalizes to a Smooth, Creamy White With a Texture That’s Smooth to Spread Like Butter. White Kiawe Honey is Bought as a Uncooked Honey. When Any Variety of Honey Crystalizes, It Turns Into Cloudy and Lighter, or Nearly White in Coloration.

White Honeys Commonly Have a Milder Flavour in Comparison to Darker Honeys


White Honey Has Antioxidant Which Help to Guard the Body From Cell Harm Due to Loose Radicals. Unfastened Radicals Make a Contribution to the Getting Old Process. They May Also Upload to Threat for Persistent Conditions Like Most Cancers and Heart Disorder.

Honey May Be Use as a Cough Suppressant. It’s Also Been Use as a Sore Throat Treatment. A Take a Look at Inside the Magazine of Complementary and Alternative Medicinal Drug Found That for Treating a Cough, Honey is as Powerful as Dextromethorphan, a Commonplace Otc Cough Medicinal Drug Element.

Nutritional Value

Carbohydrates= 85g
Fats= 0g
Protein= 0g
Calories= 315 Kcal
Other Nutrients= 0.7g

White Honey Mild and Creamy

White Honey (Imported) 1kg Has a Moderate and Creamy. Texture as a Way to Melt to Your Tongue as Quickly as It Touches Your Tongue. You Will Be Brought With a Burst of Taste. As This Honey is Medium Thick and Creamy, Therefore It is Straightforward to Spread It on Toast, Bagel, Pancakes or Hotcakes, Etc. It Has a Gentle Taste of Mesquite


  1. Faizan

    very effects and 100% resutls we have used it and got satisfied resutls

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