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Lichen Hair Color Shampoo

Lichen Hair Color Shampoo


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Product Details

Lichen Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan

Lichen Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan is the Specific Formula for the Ones Persons Who Want to Make Their Hair Herbal Black. This Lichen Hair Coloration Shampoo in Pakistan Carries Nutrition B5 That Plays an Powerful to Get Those Hairs Who Once Misplaced on the Top. It is the Perfect Manner to Repair the Beautification of the Top With Black Hair.

Importance of Lichen Black Colour Shampoo

It Takes Only 5 Minutes and Gives Results for One 1 Month.
Another Advanatage of This Product That It Plays an Important Role to Make Root Strong.
It Makes Hair Black and Darker With a Shinny Look.
It Gives Hair a Silky Look.

Lichen Black Hair Colour Shampoo Features:

It is a Type of Shampoo That May Dye Your Hair Into Black
In Five Minutes and Specially Designed to Make Your Hair Black and Shining,
Simply Through the Everyday Procedure of Washing Hair at Toilet.
It’s Far Non-poisonous With Excessive Technology.
It Also Nourishes, Protects and Maintenance Your Scalp.
As Compared to the Conventional Hair Dye, It is Has the Gain of Low Value, Time-saving and Convenience.
Lichen Hair Shade Shampoo in Pakistan

What Lichen Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan Have?

Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Hydrolyzed Protein, Vitamin C, P- Phenylenediamine, Aminophenol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Flavor, Sodium Sulfite.
Richly Contains Natural Nourishments and Compound Amid
For External Use Only
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How to Use

  • It Needs to Use on Wet Hair.
  • There is Need to Put Gloves
  • Pour the Whole Sachet Shampoo Into Palm, Mix, Apply to Hair.
  • It is Necessary to Make a Massage for 5-10 Minutes.
  • It is Essential to Wash Hair Thoroughly for Reliable Results.


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