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Lanthome Lip Essential Oil in Pakistan

Lanthome Lip Essential Oil in Pakistan

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Product Details

Lanthome Lip Essential Oil in Pakistan

Lanthome Lip Essential Oil in Pakistan

Briefly About the Product:
Country of Origin: Prc
Brand Name: Lanthome
Product Type: Essential Oil for Lips
Effect: Softens, Nourishes, Moisturizes
Volume: 10 Ml.

People Usually Think That Lip Balm is Enough to Protect the Lips, but Actually, Lip Care Needs to Be All-encompassing Because the Lip’s Resistance to the Environment is the Weakest. Lanthome Lip Essential Oil in Pakistan Will Help You With Comprehensive Lip Care. The Action of the Oil – Softens, Moisturizes, and Nourishes the Skin of the Lips. Natural Plant Oil Extract, Gentle Without Side Effects, Can Effectively Remove Old Dead Skin Cells, Speed Up Metabolism, Make Lips Healthier, Hydrated, and Attractive.

Lanthome Lip Essential Oil Nourishing Repairing Moisturizing Lip Serum

This is an Indispensable Beauty Product for the Cold Season. The Oil is Pack in a Cardboard Box. Volume 10 Ml. The Oil is in a Dark Glass Bottle. Great for Storage. The Oil is Applie Using a Pipette. Comfortable. The Main Components of Lanthome Are Lip Essential Oil Vitamin E, Honey Extract, and Tea Tree Oil. The Components Are Excellent.

Benefits of Lanthome Lip Essential Oil in Lahore Karachi Islamabad

Beauty Exfoliating for Lip Care Nourishing & Moisture.
Herbal Elements,safety,effective.
Main Impact: Moist Keep the Lips Moist and Luster.
Lip Shape Stunning Lips Horny and Transferring.
Shield Formation of the Defensive Movie.
Human Beings Typically Suppose That Lips May Be Blankete Sufficient via the Usage of a Lip Balm. Due to the Fact the Endurance of the Lips Against the Surroundings is the Weakest and Most Possibly Senility in the Entire Body.

Lanthome Natural Beauty Exfoliating for Lip Care Nourishing & Moisture

This Critical Lip Oil Contains Herbal Plant Extract to Care for and Nourish the Lips. The Excessive Moisturizing Effect, Nourish the Lip Muscle to Moisten the Easy Nation. Obvious and Non-greasy, First-rate Moisturizer, Even in Warm Summertime It Could Be Kept.


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